Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Submission Guidelines - Free Lunch Comics



At Free Lunch Comics, we are always seeking new talent to work on our books and to publish new concepts. When submitting to us, please follow the guidelines below.

Steve Kanaras, Publisher

For Artists: Please provide 4-8 pages of sequential artwork in black and white format. If you would like a sample script to work from, please request it from skanaras@freelunchcomics.com. If you are a penciller, you need not ink your work to submit. If you are an inker, please provide a copy of the pencil samples. 300 dpi files are best for viewing the artwork, so please email the samples to skanaras@freelunchcomics.com or provide a link to the artwork. Please make sure the link is directly to the work reviewed. Time constraints do not allow us to surf through large portfolios. Your best sequential work is how will we base our determination.

For Writers: We publish a supernatural anthology and a science fiction anthology. If you are interested in submitting stories for the anthologies please provide a plot synopsis, brief character descriptions, and a full script (8-12 pages) for your story. Only complete stories will be reviewed, and the story must be standalone, no chapters please. Script format is not rigid, but the easier it is to understand, ie clearly delineated panel descriptions & dialogue, will increase your chances of being accepted.

For Creator Owned Submissions: If you have a proposal for a series, please provide the following: A synopsis of the story including desired length (pages), character descriptions for the main characters, a full script for the first issue (20 or so pages), and a detailed plot outline for the series. If there is an artist accompanying the submission, please provide 4-8 pages of sequential art from the story concept. We publish a full line of books in many genres, but will not publish superhero books, so please do not submit those to us.

Expect a response to your submission within 4-6 weeks. No materials will be returned and email is the best method of delivery. Thank you for your interest in working with Free Lunch Comics and we look forward to your submission!

PHONE 860-810-4927
FAX 860-345-2158
E-MAIL skanaras@freelunchcomics.com
WEB SITE http://www.freelunchcomics.com
PO Box 598
Granby, CT 06035


Jordan Mizell said...

why no superhero books?

Evan said...

Off to pitch writing mode again. . .groovy.